The Case for Champagne Everyday

By Sabra Lewis | January 13, 2021 | in Lifestyle

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a Champagne cork popping and the comforting toasty smell of excitement and goodwill that fills the room thereafter. For me, I’m instantly transported to the chalky slopes of the Champagne region and flooded with fond memories of my travels there.

Perhaps that sound and aroma pin your memory to your favorite restaurant or family table filled with loved ones. I’m confident we can all conjure up a special recollection involving a bubbly bottle. With celebrations and travel scaled-back, or canceled entirely, I’ve been relying on my sense-memory to ignite a feeling of wanderlust usually fulfilled via an airplane.

I’ve taken my travel budget and applied it to drinking champagne most days as a treat for staying home! This doesn’t have to be an overly indulgent theme as there are some surprisingly well-priced champagnes that can be enjoyed with minimal guilt or justified as an act of self-care.

Let me introduce you to Champagne Waris et Filles. They are the ‘small-business Saturday’ of Champagne houses. The family has been making wine in and around the village of Avize for four-generations. Today, the vines are tended by the husband-and-wife team Bertrand and Virginie Waris. They hope to pass their life’s work to their two daughters someday.

They make several different bottlings of champagne from their various, and tiny, parcels of vines. Each cuvée beautifully expresses the different terroirs they work with- from the light and easy Héritage to the refined and lacy Prémices Blanc de Blancs to the spicy richness of their Blanc de Noirs.

The real tidbit here is the friendly price as they are an under-the-radar producer. The rates are below market value… for now. This is the first time the Waris family has exported their wines outside of France, so the word will soon get out as the quality of their champagne is undeniable!

I’d recommend snapping up a few bottles and trying their different wines to see which ones you like. No better way to look after yourself than regaling the sound and aroma of a bottle of champagne! Look at it less like an extravagance and more like a lovely way to connect your memories, present joy, and aspirations for the future.